About Us

The Biorok Story

The Founder of BioRok technologies, David Autengruber began his career in the building, construction and project management industries. With over 30 years of involvement in these fields, David has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience  working on a range of projects in Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Sadly though, he lost his young son to cancer, found to be caused by harmful environmental pollution. Motivated by this tragic event, he set out to create BioRok Technologies. Understanding that he could not control and change the environment directly, David is now using his years of experience to create and distribute sustainable and eco-friendly construction alternatives with the aim of reducing the human impact on the environment.

What is BioRok?

BioRok is and Australian Propriety Limited Company registered on 1 May 2012, providing unique and environmentally sustainable products to the Civic, Mining, Industrial, Remediation, Utilities and Defence Industries in the main.

BioRok was founded after many years investment in product development, collective research and real world testing. Our specialised energy products are also resource efficient, provide superior performance and cost competiveness to traditional alternatives.

The BioRok Vision

Our vison is to help create a world where sustainable and eco-friendly construction products, like BioRok’s, are being used in every construction site, every road, every bridge, every hospital etc. to ensure a viable, green and healthy future for generations to come